It can be hard to rent a van, especially if there are hidden fees or problems with the vehicle that you don’t know about. Van rental is always the best option to consider if you are traveling in a smaller group with family. This is the cheapest option available by your side.

Still, it’s easier to say than to do, as is the case with most things. Below we have made a list of a few important factors to consider when finding a luxury Sprinter van rental near me.

Be Clear On What You Want

Even though some vans are adaptable, no one size fits all. Depending on your basic traveling needs, you should have a 12-seater, a 15-seater, or might be something in between.

These are good choices for a long trip with the whole family or for getting wedding guests to the venue. Sometimes, a nice executive van is a better choice, like when you need to move around distinguished or high-class guests.

It’s a different thing to move things like gear or furniture. For this, you might want a cargo van with a lot of storage space or, even better, a crew cargo van that lets you bring along a few movers.

You should not have a car that is not big enough because it can ruin the plans for family trips.

Compare Prices And What They Include

There will be at least two places to rent a van within a reasonable driving distance from you. As you possibly will find them, include them in your bookmarks or make a good list of them. Then, try to look at prices and features side by side.

One major feature of this process is comparing the offers for similar types of vans. Most businesses want to make a good first impression; therefore, the lowest quote is not always perfect.

Most of the time, these deals that seem too good to be true have a catch, like no insurance or very limited gas or mileage.

License To Drive

If you reside in the U.S., a regular driver’s license is best to consider because you are not using the car for business or transporting maximum people compared to the seatbelts.

There are some rules in some states, so it’s best to look up the laws in your area before calling the van rental company. If you call Sprinter Rentals, we can surely give you more information.

In Europe, a standard license only covers vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes, and vans usually need special training.

Could You Read The Documents Before Signing Them?

Some companies have the bad habit of trying to sell you extra services that you might not have asked for. You should carefully read the complete paperwork, including the terms and conditions.

Give A Deep Look Into The Condition Of The Car

Lastly, before you leave, don’t forget to check the car physically. Check to see if the mileage is the same, how much gas you have, and if the car has any obvious damage. Also, it is important to search for what you need to do if the accident happens or if the van breaks down at any point.


Once you know about these things, you can rent the best van for your needs. Just be extra careful when driving because these vehicles are harder to control than regular cars, especially in tight spaces, under bridges, and when trying to park.

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